Fine Arabian Bloodstock

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Our Breeding Philosophy

We feel very strongly that truly superior foals, foals that will be superior equally in the show ring and as future breeding horses, are only ever born of superior mares; balanced, feminine mares with strong breed characteristics, excellent saddlehorse conformation, and with deep, well constructed pedigrees behind them.

Such mares typically come from multi-generational breeding programs and embody the dreams of an unbroken chain of breeders working to achieve a consistency of quality and look.  And just such mares will stand the test of outcrossing when their blood is blended with the best of other such programs.

Our formula for the successful breeding of fine Arabians: breed the best to the best. 

Our goal: resulting foals whose quality exceeds that of their sire and dam.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to PEREGRINE Fine Arabian Bloodstock.

Quentin Naylor and Mark Wharton

P.O. BOX 12212

Lexington KY 40581


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Quentin Naylor cell: 859-983-5329 or Mark Wharton cell: 859-221-5094